Exceptional Care in an Elegant,
Welcoming Environment

What do you expect to see when you step into a dental office for the first time? You are in for a pleasant surprise when you step foot in the La Jolla office of Dr. Sabourin. His vision was to create something that reflected dentistry’s long, storied history but communicated a sense of elegance and refinement. Dr. Sabourin also wanted a look that would sum up the overall experience you can expect when you are with us. Since we place tremendous focus on personalized care and on building smiles that last, this was the decorating goal. With the beautiful choice of mahogany and cherry woods, the greeting area and overall office reflects our commitment to excellence and our commitment to the finer details of care. You will feel welcome and comfortable knowing you will always be well taken care of, as soon as you walk through our door.

Part of the Scripps Health Network

Another sign that we are dedicated to excellence is that Dr. Sabourin is located in one of the Scripps Health campuses. Scripps Health is noted by “U.S. News & World Reports” for its top-notch patient care and excellence in patient treatment. We are happy to be associated with
Scripps Health’s extensive network of top physicians.

Comprehensive Care with Personalized Results

Even though we are all vulnerable to the same kinds of oral health issues, not every patient has the same treatment needs. Dr. Sabourin understands that personalized care is key to optimal patient health. When you become a part of our patient family, our focus is on your dental health and in helping you to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Through a Comprehensive Examination, we can determine where you need care. When the results of your examination are combined with a review of your medical history, we can outline the best way to treat you. Proper treatment varies for every patient. We will create a customized treatment plan for you, emphasizing lasting results. We believe in crafting smiles that will stand the test of time, using only the best in materials and the best labs.

As a testament to the level of care you can expect from us, Dr. Sabourin has patients from all parts of the world. In addition, many patients that have relocated make the trip to see him or contact us to consult with Dr. Sabourin.

We are ready to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sabourin! Call us today so that we can welcome you to our patient family! We will coordinate your New Patient visit with us! We are honored to serve discriminating patients from across San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Poway, Encinitas, East County, across the country and around the world.